Last Child in the Woods: Let’s talk!

The idea of creating a blog is an experiment to see if we can get a discussion going that will help us all share our thoughts and ideas as we read the book. Since you are reading this, you’ve found the blog.

This book discussion sprang from our conversations during last year’s grade level meetings about re-connecting our selves and our students to nature. Several of us had the chance to hear Richard Louv speak at an Audubon conference in the fall.

In Section #1 “The new relationship between Children and Nature, Louv starts us out with a beautiful quote from a local naturalist/writer- Henry David Thoreau- describing nature as a savage beast from which we are “so early weaned”. He then goes on to introduce his concept of “nature deficit disorder”, which seems to have struck a chord within educational and parenting circles.

Did nature play a significant part in your childhood? How did it shape you?

Have you seen evidence that supports or refutes the existence of Nature Deficit disoder?

There is an article on Louv’s Children and  & Nature  Network website that presents recent research on the effect of going for a nature walk in the woods on children with ADHD. Researchers found that going for 20 minute nature walk was as effective or better than a dose of medication in helping childrens’ attention spans.

I wonder if any of you have any evidence to support this?

I hope I can convince you to participate in this discussion.
Thanks for clicking in to this blog. I look forward to “chatting” with you- on line or in person, as we explore this topic throughout the year

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